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 ~ Pr Ssenyonjo Rest Joseph ~

Education is an important means through which children of all ages in school acquire knowledge, but for knowledge to work appropriately and benefit its owner it has to operate in wisdom which is God given. many institutions offer knowledge at its best but unfortunately forget to tune their students to the giver of wisdom who is God as the ministry of restoration power church basing on the ministries calling in the book of Nehemiah 2:17 , our vision is to see a world free of bondage by the power of our lord Jesus Christ.this program as inspired by the holy spirit through the ministries senior pastor rest Joseph senyonjo seeks to draw the physical, spiritual and mental attention of all stake holders within the academic field to the importance of putting God first in all their undertakings highlighting the benefits of the same against the demerits of its neglect. many schools have already been invited to this years event and we warmly welcome you too in case you have not been reached. please come ready to pray, interact and above all to present your schools and students needs before the lord of hosts. you may come along with a large format banner to leave behind as your institutions advert within the church premises. the theme for this years prayer service shall be in proverbs 9:10, "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding. remember its all happening on Saturday 8th/ October/2016 at restoration power ministries

We gladly invite all parents, old students and well wishers to this years Uganda high schools students exhibition and music dance and drama competition. the event will take place within Uganda high school spacious compound gardens from exactly 9am in the morning of Saturday 23rd/ July/ 2016. expect to see a unique display of both scientific and art creations by the students of Uganda high school accompanied by music performances of educative music composed by the students and produced in audio and video. come and support talent from its roots, as you encourage the future worlds opinion leaders grow. see you there

Nehemiah 4:6, "So built we the wall; and all the wall was joined together unto the half thereof: for the people had a mind to work. until the mind and the heart of the people are fully committed to the work their physical and spiritual energies are directed to, no progress can be realized in that particular undertaking. on 31st July of 2016 all people are invited to come and demonstrate the builders heart as they build the work of God at Restoration Power Ministries headquarters in Nansana Uganda.all people will contribute willingly as the lord will give them the ability to in terms of money towards building the ministry and they will in turn receive an anointed portrait that bears the photo of the ministries senior pastor Joseph ssenyonjo, the ministries calling as stated out in Nehemiah 2:17 and the church vision and slogan. this will be taken and put on display in their homes, business so as to usher the anointing of progress, expansion and multiplication into the lives of the builder.

once again the lord has blessed us with another home coming gathering bringing together all the sons and daughters of restoration power church ministries under one roof at the ministry headquaters in nansana. we invite you to come and witness what the lord is doing in us and through us, your life will never remain the same if you step on the holy ground filled with the lords presence.  remember its on saturday  2nd July 2016

Joshua 24:15 “Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua the servant of the living GOD highlighted the importance of the family in the service of the lord, which god does your family pledge allegiance to? do you know the consequences of your family being far away from GOD? OR You want to be reconciled to the true and living  GOD of Abraham. come then at restoration power church nansana and present your family before the lord1



On 14th/may/2016(See events) the youth of restoration power church ministries under the leadership of the youth leader and in the company of the ministries senior pastor rest Joseph Senyonjo together with the assistant pastor Phabis Akolagye headed to mukono district for the tour of Sezibwa falls. It was a wonderful experience of sightseeing, relaxation and appreciation of Gods creative art.

The youth where blessed by the senior pastors motivation speech that encouraged them to work faithfully whenever entrusted with any work. They observed the need to intensify the campaign of preaching the word of GOD for the salvation of lost souls from darkness since a lot of idolatry was taking place around the falls, it was a really wonderful experience watching the many waters fall over the cliff and pushing their way over many smooth washed rocks in the tropical green forest cover. Indeed the tour was a memorable moment of interacting, refreshment and joy.

The youth of Restoration PowerCchurch through their leader sister Jacklin faith invite all youth to come and join their youth outing scheduled for 14th may 2016, all interested youth shall gather at restoration power church Nansana at 7am and will all head for SEZIBWA falls in mukono district. every youth will have to contribute at least 15,000 Uganda shillings to cater for their transport to and from the falls, please remember to come along with packed food and some pocket money for your meals. it will be a wonderful moment to have you experience the beauty of Gods creation, sight seeing and nature walk together with us. see you then.

We are going to have an overnight at Old Kampala Primary school Playground on 9th October starting at 4:00pm. Come let us take our blessings.

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